Stacey Abrams is a Virtual High-Touch Client Care Expert for Health Professionals with over 25 years in Administrative Management and Finance and a degree in Health and Wellness, emphasis in Management. Her objective is to help give her clients’ back their time to do more of what they love, to help strengthen current client relationships and grow their business.



  • You have NO time.
  • You are Overwhelmed.
  • You are not not organized.
  • Lacking skills in certain areas.
  • You need to delegate.
  • Need quality time with clients.
  • You need someone that places a high value on trust and loyalty.
  • You need someone to take the load off your shoulders that does a phenomenal job.
  • You want an alternate to on-site support.
  • You need a long-term partner that is a liaison between you, your clients and third parties.

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What is a Virtual High-Touch Client Care Expert?

  • Someone that understands the value of client relationships and how difficult they are to come by in the first place. I ensure those clients are understood and given first-class service.
  • Highly trained Independent Entrepreneur.
  • Provides a myriad diverse set of skills in various platforms, such as administrative, health & wellness, and media/social marketing.
  • Utilizes today’s technology
  • Develops long-term partnership relationships with their clients to help leverage & succeed in their business.
  • You will have more time & freedom.
  • You will see cost savings over hiring an employee
  • You will see increased productivity in your business.
  • You will have peace of mind!

General Operational Packages

Need help organizing & taking care of the nitty gritty details? Our team has over 25 years in various administrative areas to take your business to the next level.

Health Management Packages

 Serving Health & Wellness Professionals in leveraging their business to make more money by creating growth and freedom with evolving transition strategies resulting in creative solutions.

Free Resources

Free resources available for professionals for learning, including resources on additional streams of revenue.

Impacting your Business…..

Effectual Resolutions was born from a desire to help busy health professionals focus on more company growth & production by allowing an outside consultant to manage the basic & in-depth needs of the business.  This allows the business owner more flexibility and better time management to spend on the core matters of their business.

What our Clients are saying…

“Stacey is very detail oriented, creative and results-oriented. She completed our ad content for the local newspaper in a timely & efficient manner. We were very happy with the results & our customers appreciated being recognized & honored as valued clients. We continue to retain her services for various administrative and writing projects as they come up.”

Rueben & Cheryl Briggs

Owner, Briggs Fencing & Weed Spraying, Montana

“I have worked with Stacey in various capacities, and she is extremely detailed, goal-oriented and works tirelessly to get the job done. She recently helped my husband and I expand upon creative elements within our website to make it more visually appealing to our clients. We are a family business and Stacey helped us to see that we needed to be more visible to our clientele. She added content & pictures to our site to enhance our value as a genuine family business.”

Michelle Shobert

Owner , Auto Sports Wiring

Contact us today to receive a complimentary one on one consultation with Stacey Abrams regarding YOUR business needs.  This offer includes a surprise SAVINGS valued up to $400 upon initial sign-up for any Health and Wellness package.


  1. Type of client: Agricultural Business
  2. Tasks Performed: Marketing/Advertising
  3. Client Benefit: Client focused more on core business in the field and left the marketing maintenance in our hands. This eased stress & gave client more time to work on new government agricultural business contracts.
  4. Type of Service Package: The client was offered a Basic Administrative + Marketing ad-on due to basic office needs. We performed multiple administrative writing tasks plus taking on marketing with local ads and advertising for current and new clientele.


  1. Type of client:  Corporate Health Wellness
  2. Tasks Performed: Health/Wellness Program PowerPoint Presentation.
  3. Client Benefit: Client was able to leave the design elements and research for this program to focus on other business areas within the corporation.  The research was extensive and time-consuming. We freed up client time and added value to organization with the presentation to reach corporations that did not have a health/wellness program in place.
  4. Type of Service Package: The client was offered a 10-hour month customized service health and wellness package due to the time & research involved in developing the presentation. We needed to know the vision for the program and was able to incorporate this into the program for the client.